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The Vibrational Dimension,  is the positive substance and nature in which I was created... Therefore I meditate on the positive through contemplating words and feelings that yield a positive perception. I read them and experience the IAM Vibration. This practice leads me to have positive ideas and thoughts.


In the dimension of Thought, I now conceive ideas in positivity about what my Divine Mind has witnessed in the material plane. I take these available experiences, relationships, and products and construct a reality which I now enjoy.


In the dimension of Light, I imagine myself enjoying the constructed reality that I have conceived. I visualize the experience knowing that without this visualization experience, the constructed reality will not survive.


In the dimension of Sound, I affirm that the vision upon which I mentally contemplate belongs to me and that it is mine already. I speak of those things which are in the Light dimension as being reality. Knowing that they will manifest into the material experience.


In the material experience I live in positive expectation while going through the daily processes necessary to make room for my pre-destined manifestation. I am available to various means by which the IAM will bring about my vision. I live in gratitude. My contemplation manifests!

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