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Becoming A Student

The IAM, the collective consciousness of all positive forces in the Universe, is activating those of us who have accepted it's Principles, Laws, and Promises, with the power to transform our lives and all of humanity.


When one chooses to become a Scientist of IAM, it means that they have decided to accept the Principles, Laws and Promises of IAM as their vehicle of perceiving, responding, and living in the world. With this choice, they enter into Divine Mind and seek to live in the IAM vibration (A'aru, Kingdom of IAM). This is a new way of life that requires a commitment to the five disciplines, vision, and mission of Bio-Vibrational Science.


As a reward for this decision, they are granted entrance into the sacred circle of prosperity, protection, and power afforded to the Scientists of IAM.

Through our faithful commitment to the Science of IAM we are part of a sacred circle of prosperity, protection, and power. We invite you to become part of the sacred circle of Scientists by becoming a student. If you would like to become a student please email us at or you can call us at 1-800-279-0175. A Scientist will contact you, give you information as to how you can become a student and get enrolled into the University of Bio-Vibrational Science. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to change the trajectory of your life. Make the decision to become a Scientist of IAM today.


The following statement should be recited in a quiet place in deep contemplation as your journey into the Science begins:

On this day I commit to a new way of life by accepting the presence of the IAM in me who seeks to bring connection, wealth (health), access, peace, harmony, balance, protection and power into my life..

I accept the Principles Laws and Promises of IAM (Divine Mind) as the correct and holiest perception and path for life and have therefore entered the IAM Vibration.

IAM rescued from the self-destructive habits and effects of material reasoning in this life and beyond.

I commit my life to Bio-Vibrational Science and its disciplines and to spreading this Science to a critical mass of souls in universal order to bring about a positive change in Humanity






Please email the application to and you will receive information about how to access student portals and attend services.


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Science of IAM LOGO.jpg
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