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Dr. Robert York-Westbrook, ThD

Dr. Robert York-Westbrook, ThD, a third generation minister of faith, has an extensive and robust educational background, holding a Bachelor of Science in Social Science Cum Laude, a Master of Arts in Communications, a Masters Degree in Procurement Business and Law, and a Doctoral Degree in Theological Studies. The pedigree of schools where he has received his degrees and executive training include the University of Houston, Texas Tech University, the Rice School for Continuing Studies, the George Washington University, the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, and Andersonville Theological Seminary among others. The National Contract Management Association has recognized Robert with its coveted outstanding academic achievement award. 
In addition to being a member of the American Bar Association, Robert is also a member of the Society for Human Resources Management, a member of the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honors Society, and a lifetime member of the Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honors Society. Dr. Robert York-Westbrook, is the proud husband of Jaya Elizabeth Westbrook with whom he shares six beautiful children.
Robert has received the Certificate of Congressional Recognition from the United States Congress for his work in enhancing the future of Engineering in America through Community Based Programs. In the arena of Radio and Television Robert appeared on ABC Nightline with Ted Koppel in an effort to garner support for Hurricane Katrina victims. After hosting the primetime program, the Self-Empowerment Hour for more than 3 years on Access Houston, he co-hosted the critically acclaimed KPFT radio show “Soul Sessions” an informational radio program advocating mind, body, and spirit wellness. Robert has served on the ministerial advisory board to the Mayor of Houston and is a former member of the Central Business District Security Force and clergy for the Constables of Precinct 7.
An adjunct professor at the University of Houston Downtown,  Robert is an expert in the rhetorical art of business and technical composition. Additionally, past and presently, he serves as the Director of Human Capital Management for some of the most important federal contracts and prestigious investment management organizations in the United States.
Robert has received the Eternal Gandhi recognition from the Gandhi Library and is a member of the Association for Global New Thought which includes other prestigious members such as the Dalai Lama and Michael Beckwith. Robert spearheaded the Feed My Sheep outreach homeless project which over the years has touched more than 7,000 lives. Robert is a Disciple of the White Crane YMAA System under Sifu Terry Bridges as taught by Grandmaster Ywing Ming Yang. He Serves as the Acharya of the Wuji Sacred Arts System which combines Yoga, Martial Arts, Reiki, and Chakra Therapy into one synergetic system of Bio-Vibrational Physical Art. As the Spiritual Director of the Self Empowerment Center he has authored several books and given dynamic lectures all available here at the Self-Empowerment Center’s website.
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