Jaya Elizabeth Westbrook
Auset Ba'a Neteru

Elizabeth Westbrook, Auset Ba'a Neteru is a dynamic motivational speaker, poet and performer. After working for the prestigious Paine Webber Financial Firm, she went on to become an executive officer for one of most prominent social organizations in American history and has sold thousands of poetry cds around the world. The Jaya has spoken at prominent historical gatherings including events honoring Stokely Carmichael and committee meetings for the organization of the Million Man March. She was also an important spokesman at the historical Martin Luther King Memorial opening in Washington DC.


Elizabeth has had an incredible background in academics; she completed her degree with honors in Psychology Energetics at the Southwest University of Sacred Studies. 

Elizabeth is a highly sought after Consultant in Technical Editing and Writing working on projects including Federal Contractor response to RFPs as well as Revision and Graphic Design for Marketing Materials and Literature. She is an expert in meditation, psychic transference, history, and the spoken word. She is the Executive Vice President of the Center for Bio-Vibrational Science and is responsible for organizational policy and legal counsel while serving as one of its Chief Financial Officers.

The Jaya (the Victory) is married to the Acharya and they share 6 beautiful children together. Her incredible mind and spiritual power serve to help hundreds to recognize their internal value and power. The Acharya credits her with his spiritual resurrection and activation.

You Are My Peace - I Am the Universe Itself
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