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Ausar's Meals That Heal

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Ausar's Meals that Heal Program focuses on a complete and objective approach to nutrition. Ausar's brings together the unique flavors found in the cuisine of different cultures by finding creative ways to integrate those flavors into new and exciting foods that represent cultural unity. Ausar's creates a healthier lifestyle and nutritional plan that responds to the dynamics of nutritional needs of every person.


Our program is engaged in finding ways to sponsor new mechanisms of hope for those facing food shortages around the world by training volunteers here in the United States and abroad in the disciplines of agriculture, farming, horticulture and more while transferring those skills around the world via social media as well as volunteer efforts on the ground.

Healthy Food Preparation, Nutritional Education, and a dynamic Wellness Program are at the heart of the CBVS community. Our Students are treated to and taught how to prepare healthy meals provided at our local community center every Sunday. Students also give Natural Health Science Lectures to the community weekly and provide wellness consultation. Healthy eating habits are promoted not only by our program but our amazing Community Sponsors from across the City! A closer look at our Sponsor's menus and programs show that they are all in when it comes to providing their customers healthy choices!!! 


To purchase this week's delicious meal simply click on the below link:

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