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Apostle and Vice President


Dr. Anthony Baker, ND is the Vice President of the Center for Bio-Vibrational Science. In conjunction, Dr. Baker is the President of the University of Bio-Vibrational Science where he governs the mission and vision of the library of knowledge and academia for Bio-Vibrational Scientists around the world. As Vice President, Dr. Baker is the chief of the Apostolic Order of the Church. In this capacity, he is charged with being an Ambassador of the faith around the world, establishing new study groups apart from the central location of the organization, and the general strategy of expansion of the mission. Further, the Apostle sits in the seat of the Office of Acharya and Jaya in their absence with the authority to make business and organizational decisions.


Dr. Baker has an extensive and robust educational background, holding a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and a Doctorate of Naturopathy. The pedigree of schools where he has received his educational training are The Southwest University of Sacred Studies, University of Houston and Trinity College of Natural Health. He was also a part of the Houston Ayurveda Consortium focusing on healing the body through modalities and technologies.


Dr. Baker has appeared on Debra Duncan Live with Deepak Chopra. He has also organized the 2003 Houston delegation for the national affirmative action march on Washington. He has been interviewed on “Live with Ada Edwards” discuss the resolution to the ills of the community, as well as, other local community radio shows.   He has received a Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Service from  HISD for Outstanding Service for Volunteers in Public Schools; a Community Leadership Certificate of Completion Award from the City of Houston under Mayor Bill White; and the JSC Group Achievement Award for The Orion Vacuum Pressure Integrated Suit Test.


Dr. Baker is a husband to a loving and supportive wife Renee who supports him in all that he does and without her support he would not be as successful as he is in all his endeavors. He is the father of two sons Matthew and Daniel who are always at their father’s side for the majority of his activities, as well as aide in the completion of them.  




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