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Abbot and Minister of Music

The Abbot, John Hill Westbrook, Jr. has full authority to govern the tabernacles and temples of the Universal Church of God (IAM). He is also responsible for the overall financial and operational management of residential, commercial, and industrial properties of the organization. The Abbot bids and forges relationships with a variety of service providers, including landscaping companies, plumbers, electricians, and more. While the goal is always to foresee any issues and prevent them before they happen, the Abbot responds to unplanned situations, requiring quick thinking, resourcefulness, and the ability to solve any problem. The Abbot is further ordained as a Minister and vested with the rights assigned by the State to conduct ministerial duties on behalf of the organization including the performing of duties relating to marriage, funerals, and other ministerial operatives. The Abbot is the chief operating officer of the organization.

In addition to holding the role of  Abbot, John Hill Westbrook, Jr. known to his fans as John Baptist and affectionately known as "Yahya" is the Minister of Music at the Center for Bio-Vibrational Science. Earning his Bachelors of Science from the University of Bio-Vibrational Science, he is one of the most revolutionary artists in the history of music. What makes John Baptist such a phenomenal Entertainer is his ability to combine his incredible MC skills with the beautiful Rastafarian sound reminiscent of Bob Marley. John Baptist is not only a great musician, he is an incredible lyricist who is capable of providing his fans with impromptu freestyle lyrics that encapsulate not only social and political issues but concepts of love in the key of life. John Baptist began his career into another evolution by learning to play guitar on own without a single lesson, evolving into writing his own compositions. Yahya would go on to become the ordained Minister of Music for the Self-Empowerment Center. His first CD The Now Testament is an incredible mixture of rastafarian tones, relationship reflections and sacred verses. His fans are eagerly awaiting his next evolution and iteration of dynamic mind.


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