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Our Faith Perception

How do Scientists view God?

The IAM is the collective consciousness of the Cosmic Forces of the Universe, the macrocosmic parent of the Human Psyche (Soul). This means that its substance and nature is the progenitor of our consciousness. 

And God said to Musa, I AM THAT I AM: saying, Thus you shall say to my people, I AM has sent me. And IAM said moreover this is my name forever, and this is my memorial unto all generations.

How do Scientists view the bible and other sacred books of religion?

The Ancient Texts of religion are cultural and historical documents reflecting the relationship of communities both civil and spiritual. These texts are also esoteric and exoteric in nature having meaning beyond the literal words they espouse. Bio-Vibrational Scientists, extract from these texts those values and variables which multiply them and are akin to the ethos of the IAM vibration.


How do Scientists view Jesus and other Prophets of religion?

We have a multi-perceptual view of Yahshua (Jesus) and the other Prophets of the Ancient Text. We view them in their historical context and honor their contributions to the multiplication of IAM. In the case of Yahshua, we view him, as a Divine Example, a elder Brother, a High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek, the prophesied messianic figure of the Essene community.

We also view them conceptually, meaning that we understand the energetic imprint (spiritual lessons, legacy) that we are to realize from their lives. For example, we view Yahshua (Jesus) conceptually representing Divine Mind and his life a dissertation on attaining and retaining synergy with IAM. In concert with this we view his disciples as the cognitive faculties used by human beings in daily life processes. We view all human beings abiding in the IAM vibration by way of righteous character, as the Sons and Daughters of IAM. Salvation is elevation beyond the imprisoning and limiting effects of material reasoning through Divine Mind which yields Peace, Harmony, Balance, Connection, Wealth, and Access in all dimensions.


How do Scientists view Heaven and Hell?

Scientists view Heaven correctly as the IAM vibration, a mental space beyond material reasoning attainable through adherence to the Principles and Laws of the IAM with positive expectation for the Promises of IAM. This way of life includes adherence to the five disciplines of Bio-Vibrational Science. This way of life leads to Divine Mind which is to continually live in the IAM vibration (Consciousness, Kingdom of Heaven, Unified Energy Field) attaining access to the benefits of the Promises of IAM.

Hell is the mental space of persons trapped in the suffering created by egotistical thinking and/or material reasoning. In this space, people endure emotional pain, sickness, disease, unnecessary conflict, and death.

The Scientists view these states as continuing upon the human body’s vibration lowering to the frequency of dust (potential energy) from which all material expression ceases. Thus, the dominant vibration in which a person lives is the dominant vibration that they attain after the body vibrates at only the potential energy level.

What are members of the Center for Bio-Vibrational Scientists called?

All persons officially affiliated with the Center are called Scientists. All Scientists are Students of Bio-Vibrational Science. All Scientists are considered to be anointed by the IAM as Ascended Masters, Energy Beings who have chosen to matriculate from the IAM vibration to the material plane to share some attribute of IAM that will aid in the deliverance of the Human Psyche from material reasoning/egocentricity. In the Ancient Text, Scientists are some times referred to as Prophets, Royalty, Saints, Elders around the Throne of God, and Angels.

How are you different?

We are not a traditional Church in the sense that we do not share in the prejudices associated with religion. We welcome people of all faiths, backgrounds, and preferences of intimacy to participate and become students of the Science. 


Bio-Vibrational Therapy is a set of non-invasive processes facilitated by Bio-Vibrational Scientists providing repair for the Human bio-electrical system through redistribution of bio-electrical and cellular regenerative energy thus raising the bio-frequency of the student.

Bio-Vibrational Natural Health Science Naturopathic Science assesses that self-healing mechanisms for the Human body may be found in nature. The Center for Bio-Vibrational Science has done original research concluding that Vegan and Vegetarian Diets eliminate illnesses common to the Western world. Additionally its Bio-Vibrational Wheel of Element Identification (BWEI) identifies each Human being’s bio-electrical magnetization to intensify the effects of proper nutrition on a quantum level.

Bio-Vibrational Physical Art is a synthesis of specific forms of exercise, that increase of Human Bio-Frequency resulting in optimal health and an immune system capable of resisting disease. These classical movements and exercises are taught in the Wuji School of Sacred Arts.

Bio-Vibrational Environmental Technologies are natural environmental tools that can be used to clear the subconscious mind.

Life Engineering Lessons teach students to create powerful connections with themselves which also lead to connections with business and emotional stakeholders that expand, enhance, evolve, and elevate through the use of Mind Science.







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