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Our Faith Perception

How do Scientists view God?

The IAM is the collective consciousness of the Cosmic Forces of the Universe, the macrocosmic parent of the Human Psyche (Soul). This means that its substance and nature is the progenitor of our consciousness. 

And God said to Musa, I AM THAT I AM: saying, Thus you shall say to my people, I AM has sent me. And IAM said moreover this is my name forever, and this is my memorial unto all generations.

How do Scientists view the bible and other sacred books of religion?

The Ancient Texts of religion are cultural and historical documents reflecting the relationship of communities both civil and spiritual. These texts are also esoteric and exoteric in nature having meaning beyond the literal words they espouse. Bio-Vibrational Scientists, extract from these texts those values and variables which multiply them and are akin to the ethos of the IAM vibration.


How do Scientists view Jesus and other Prophets of religion?

We have a multi-perceptual view of Yahshua (Jesus) and the other Prophets of the Ancient Text. We view them in their historical context and honor their contributions to the multiplication of IAM. In the case of Yahshua, we view him, as a Divine Example, a elder Brother, a High Priest after the Order of Melchizedek, the prophesied messianic figure of the Essene community.

We also view them conceptually, meaning that we understand the energetic imprint (spiritual lessons, legacy) that we are to realize from their lives. For example, we view Yahshua (Jesus) conceptually representing Divine Mind and his life a dissertation on attaining and retaining synergy with IAM. In concert with this we view his disciples as the cognitive faculties used by human beings in daily life processes. We view all human beings abiding in the IAM vibration by way of righteous character, as the Sons and Daughters of IAM. Salvation is elevation beyond the imprisoning and limiting effects of material reasoning through Divine Mind which yields Peace, Harmony, Balance, Connection, Wealth, and Access in all dimensions.


What are your views on the sacrifice of Jesus?

We know that Jesus’ sacrifice to give his life was to assure the continued extension, expansion, and expression of his teachings leading to convergence with IAM for generations to come. To respond in violence would have marred his teachings and essentially written him out of history as simply another militant leader thirsty for power. Rather his supreme sacrifice and martyrdom allowed his message not only to continue but to be supernaturally charged with his intentionality to lead humanity to a lifestyle of relationship with IAM and to live continually in the IAM Vibration or Kingdom of God with each other.

How do Scientists view Heaven and Hell?

Scientists view Heaven correctly as the IAM vibration, a mental space beyond material reasoning attainable through adherence to the Principles and Laws of the IAM with positive expectation for the Promises of IAM. This way of life includes adherence to the five disciplines of Bio-Vibrational Science. This way of life leads to Divine Mind which is to continually live in the IAM vibration (Consciousness, Kingdom of Heaven, Unified Energy Field) attaining access to the benefits of the Promises of IAM.

Hell is the mental space of persons trapped in the suffering created by egotistical thinking and/or material reasoning. In this space, people endure emotional pain, sickness, disease, unnecessary conflict, and death.

The Scientists view these states as continuing upon the human body’s vibration lowering to the frequency of dust (potential energy) from which all material expression ceases. Thus, the dominant vibration in which a person lives is the dominant vibration that they attain after the body vibrates at only the potential energy level.

What are members of the Center for Bio-Vibrational Scientists called?

All persons officially affiliated with the Center are called Scientists. All Scientists are Students of Bio-Vibrational Science. All Scientists are considered to be anointed by the IAM as Ascended Masters, Energy Beings who have chosen to matriculate from the IAM vibration to the material plane to share some attribute of IAM that will aid in the deliverance of the Human Psyche from material reasoning/egocentricity. In the Ancient Text, Scientists are some times referred to as Prophets, Royalty, Saints, Elders around the Throne of God, and Angels.

How are you different?

We are not a traditional Church in the sense that we do not share in the prejudices associated with religion. We welcome people of righteous intention from all faiths, backgrounds, and preferences of intimacy to participate and become students of the Science. 

What are your views on Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice?

We know that life does not begin with human conception but rather our inception in the mind of IAM (God). God says that before I formed you in the womb, I knew you and ordained you. IAM further says that my word shall not return to me void. Before any of us are flesh we were first a word of God, a logos, a thought in the mind of God. Thus, human beings do not have the power to determine life or death, we can only make decisions with regard to our own well-being. We are pro-choice in the sense that a woman should have a right to make a decision about her life and body. We are pro-life in the sense that our choices should be based on those things necessitated for our development and multiplication never as a continual methodology to remedy our continually making poor decisions. Such a decision should exclusively be between a woman  and her creator.


How do you view gender identification?

We know that there are undebatable, undeniable, biological and physiological constants for every human being. We acknowledge that and honor the cataloging and categorization of these constants in human activity and do not feel it fair or just that a need to present oneself differently than one’s inherent biological or physiological constant should be denied in any way. At the same time, we acknowledge that such presentation is a personal choice and should not infringe upon the necessity of cataloging and categorizing biological and physiological constants (gender) for the purposes of fair, equitable, and efficient human social activities. Thus, we honor the stations of society which categorize gender based on necessitated biological consequence for the purpose of effective and fair functionality among all persons. These stations include but are not limited to sports, lavatories, and other spaces of human activity predicated upon biological and physiological constants.


We further find any initiated or forced gender identification of persons under the age of 18 (particularly without the expressed and documented consent of parents) and any consequent attempt to alter the biological or physiological constants of said persons, to be prohibitive of the necessary maturation processes for the human brain and body and to be wrongful actions against that person’s human rights, and possibly the rights of parents to be accountable for the wellbeing of their children.


Do you support the LGTBQ+ community?

We absolutely support a human being’s right to choose whom they love. We absolutely support a human being’s right to enter into sacred covenant and/or legal contract with a person of their choice for the purpose of sharing their life, prosperity, and all associated benefits both personal and professional. We believe that the governmental bodies both State and Federal have no right to dictate the freedom of choice of life partner and/or the sharing of resources afforded to human beings by their Creator.


We support a person’s right to be named, called, and identified as they so choose, however we also support the fundamental social constructs of communication and identification. Thus, we do not feel it inconsistent with our supporting the LGBTQ+ community, that we do not advocate the forced use of pronouns as has been used in the English language, where, the use of a person’s chosen name may act more effectively in communication.


We further find any initiated or forced gender identification of persons under the age of 18 (particularly without the expressed and documented consent of parents) and any consequent attempt to alter the biological or physiological constants of said persons, to be prohibitive of the necessary maturation processes for the human brain and body and to be wrongful actions against that person’s human rights, and possibly the rights of parents to be accountable for the wellbeing of their children.


Additionally, we are opposed to sex education prior to puberty, which specifically targets, demonstrates, and facilitates the presentation, illustration, and discussion of the varying methodologies of sexual intercourse. We find such education to be untimely and may serve to inadvertently groom children to a particular preference unintentionally. We consider this a wrongful action and prohibitive of the necessary maturation of the human brain and body and possibly the rights of parents to be accountable for the wellbeing of their children.


How do you view DEI and Affirmative Action?

Equality suggests a qualitative perceptual view that requires fair access and treatment of all seeking opportunity within the social construct, including employment, housing, political representation, opportunities for higher education, etc. Diversity represents the presentation of unique ideas, strategies and interpretation of variables in an inclusive environment. Inclusion is the opportunity to make meaningful contributions through sharing one’s ideas and strategies in a space where those ideas are appreciated, acknowledged, and meaningfully included in business practices. Equity, as a societal objective is an organic institutionalized architecture that assures fairness in advancement, compensation,  policies and law, resulting in quantifiable evidence which validates that identity is not predictive of any outcome relating to compensation,  policies and law. We support DEI as essential to a democratic state and proper treatment of citizenry.


We value the institutions, be they political, policing, militaristic, or religious, which afford each of us the opportunity to enjoy diversity, equity, inclusion, and the pursuit of happiness. We further advocate social and political strategies that identify economically distressed areas and revitalize them to health for the good of the entire economy. Such programs are most effective where their intention is blind financial equity. Every community which is found economically distressed should be helped regardless of its demographic makeup. This theocratic approach should be a self-correcting measure by government to seek and find forgotten citizens in an ongoing effort to offer them opportunity for advancement.


How do you view Democracy and Capitalism?

We believe Democracy is the highest form of government because it affords human beings the free-will endowed upon them by their Creator. No aspect of what we teach or what others believe can be harmoniously and systematically acceptable under a form of government which subjugates the free will of its citizens simply on the whims of those in power. Democracy is the only system of government in the world in which the poor and disenfranchised may rise up and usurp power without revolution. We further understand the frailty of such government and its vulnerability to the very freedoms it affords its citizens. Thus, it becomes necessary for the greater good that policies and institutions are in place to preserve those freedoms and it is understood that these institutions may have to work by means and methods that may not always be palatable to every citizen though every citizen should be empowered to democratically invoke change. We support Democracy, acknowledge its faults and the unfortunate decisions that may sometimes be required and necessary to preserve it. Our work as a spiritual institution is to challenge the conscience of government leadership and our fellow citizens to loose wherever and whenever possible, those indiscretions that unnecessarily and unjustly cause undue harm, discomfort, inequality, inequity, and unfair treatment to those whose freedoms Democracy has been forged to uphold and defend.


The capitalistic free market system is the most important economic vehicle in the history of the human species as it is capable of equitizing the quality of life for global citizenry at large. Nevertheless, fair access, compensation, and fair treatment of labor forces guided by ethical principles is tantamount to fair competition. A healthy free market system is the central instrument for the continued advancement of Democracy around the world. The advancement of Democracy and the free market is central to maintaining a free society not only for developing nations but for humanity as a whole. A great leader once said “A man's right to work as he will, to spend what he earns, to own property, to have the State as servant and not as master… They are the essence of a free economy. And on that freedom, all our other freedoms depend.” A free market system is in fact the love child of Democracy and capitalism and should they perish, becomes orphaned to the whims of corruption and more specifically the desperate attempts of human beings to survive.


Without an equitizing of the global economy, those nations and peoples of the world thus afflicted by poverty, contaminated water, and human trafficking will turn ever more towards corrupt practices in an attempt to survive. Government policy is intellectually anemic if it does not recognize that joining the ranks of degenerate/deviant groups will soon be people who will simply be “Radical Survivalists”, the offspring of historically under-compensated and marginalized local and global communities. It is not simply an economic truth but has been historically proven that no law, ban, nor wall, is strong enough to keep an entire world of human beings grappling with hunger, disease, marginalization, and oppression from your front door merely because they are unwelcomed. The Center for Bio-Vibrational Science, thus, stands as an affirming, supportive community, joined together with Ascended Masters all over the world to engage in a collective meditation that will result in the spiritual, mental, and physical liberation of all human beings, which is the work of Christ.



Bio-Vibrational Therapy is a set of non-invasive processes facilitated by Bio-Vibrational Scientists providing repair for the Human bio-electrical system through redistribution of bio-electrical and cellular regenerative energy thus raising the bio-frequency of the student.

Bio-Vibrational Natural Health Science Naturopathic Science assesses that self-healing mechanisms for the Human body may be found in nature. The Center for Bio-Vibrational Science has done original research concluding that Vegan and Vegetarian Diets eliminate illnesses common to the Western world. Additionally its Bio-Vibrational Wheel of Element Identification (BWEI) identifies each Human being’s bio-electrical magnetization to intensify the effects of proper nutrition on a quantum level.

Bio-Vibrational Physical Art is a synthesis of specific forms of exercise, that increase of Human Bio-Frequency resulting in optimal health and an immune system capable of resisting disease. These classical movements and exercises are taught in the Wuji School of Sacred Arts.

Bio-Vibrational Environmental Technologies are natural environmental tools that can be used to clear the subconscious mind.

Life Engineering Lessons teach students to create powerful connections with themselves which also lead to connections with business and emotional stakeholders that expand, enhance, evolve, and elevate through the use of Mind Science.







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