The Five Disciplines


Bio-Vibrational Science


Bio-Vibrational Therapy is a set of non-invasive processes facilitated by Bio-Vibrational Scientists providing repair for the Human bio-electrical system through redistribution of bio-electrical and cellular regenerative energy thus raising the bio-frequency of the student.

Bio-Vibrational Natural Health Science Naturopathic Science assesses that self-healing mechanisms for the Human body may be found in nature. The Center for Bio-Vibrational Science has done original research concluding that Vegan and Vegetarian Diets eliminate illnesses common to the Western world. Additionally its Bio-Vibrational Wheel of Element Identification (BWEI) identifies each Human being’s bio-electrical magnetization to intensify the effects of proper nutrition on a quantum level.

Bio-Vibrational Physical Art is a synthesis of specific forms of exercise, that increase of Human Bio-Frequency resulting in optimal health and an immune system capable of resisting disease. These classical movements and exercises are taught in the Wuji School of Sacred Arts.

Bio-Vibrational Environmental Technologies are natural environmental tools that can be used to clear the subconscious mind.

Bio-Engineering Lessons teach students to create powerful connections with themselves which also lead to connections with business and emotional stakeholders that expand, enhance, evolve, and elevate through the use of Mind Science.