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The IAM (God) is the collective consciousness of the Positive and Beneficent Forces of the Universe, the macrocosmic parent of the Human Soul (Psyche). This means that its substance and nature is the progenitor of our consciousness. Bio-Vibrational Science is the study of electro-magnetism and the practice of living within the electro-magnetic field of the IAM Vibration, making accessible the optimal life promises of the IAM through Divine Mind. Let us know and live in its vibration (spirit):

Faith Vision


The Science is a global initiative guiding  Humanity to the IAM Vibration (Kingdom of God) through Divine Mind (Yahshuah Ben Yahweh, Jesus Christ) thus restoring peace, harmony, balance and synergy to the micro and macro Universes.


Faith Mission


To expand and multiply the mindfulness and energetic imprint of our students through guidance to the IAM Vibration (Kingdom of God), thereby optimizing every facet of their life through Divine Mind.

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