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The IAM (God) is the collective consciousness of the Positive and Beneficent Vibrational Forces of the Universe, the macrocosmic parent of the Human Psyche, connected to  us through its electro-magnetic field (spirit). This means that its substance and nature is the progenitor of our (Soul) consciousness.

The Science of IAM (God) is the study of how God works in the Universe and the world around us. God works through its spirit (energy) and truth (intelligence) to direct electro-magnetic forces to act according to its will. The will of God is that none should perish or even have negative experiences, but that we should prosper as our psyche (soul) prospers. This means that it is God's intent that we live in wealth, health, love, peace, harmony and balance. This is the good news that Yahshuah Ben Yahweh brought to humanity. However in order for us to experience these things we must develop our cognitive, spiritual, emotional, and even physical abilities. In other words we must learn to perceive and act through our spirit (energetic) nature and intelligence to direct electro-magnetic forces to act according to our will. In doing this we will bring about the relationships and experiences we want, thus living an abundant and optimal life. 

There are Five Disciplines that support our Study and Practices in the Science of IAM:

•Bio-Vibrational Therapy 

•Bio-Vibrational Natural Health Science

•Bio-Vibrational Physical Arts 

•Bio-Vibrational Environmental Technologies 

•Life Engineering Lessons (Jnana)


These disciplines are rooted in the practices of indigenous people from around the world which correlate strongly with discoveries in quantum physics as found in the Kemetic Sciences and taught by Yahshuah Ben Yahweh (Jesus Christ). We assess that persons such as Jaramogi Abebe Agyeman, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Reverend Eikerenkoetter, Joseph Murphy, Parahamsa Yogananda and others were privy to these teachings as well. The student attending our classes and services receives an education relative to the five disciplines which have been found to improve mental cognition, physical health, financial liberation, and management of the electro-magnetic fields around them.








The Science is a global initiative guiding  Humanity to the IAM Vibration (Kingdom of God) through Divine Mind (Yahshuah Ben Yahweh, Jesus Christ) thus restoring peace, harmony, balance and synergy to the micro and macro Universes.






To expand and multiply the mindfulness and energetic imprint of our students through guidance to the IAM Vibration (Kingdom of God), thereby optimizing every facet of their life in Divine Mind.




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