Bio-Vibrational Science


Bio-Vibrational Science is the study of directing and managing the electro-magnetic field found in biological and ecological systems.


There are Five Disciplines within Bio-Vibrational Science:

•Bio-Vibrational Therapy 

•Bio-Vibrational Natural Health Science

•Bio-Vibrational Physical Arts 

•Bio-Vibrational Environmental Technologies 

•Vibration Re-engineering through Mental Contemplation


These principles are rooted in the practices of indigenous people from around the world which correlate strongly with discoveries in quantum physics as found in the Kemetic Sciences and discussed by scientists such as Einstein, Tesla, Eikerenkoetter, Neville, Yogananda and others. The student attending our classes and services receive an education relative to the five disciplines which have been found to improve mental cognition, physical health, financial liberation, and management of the electro-magnetic fields around them.