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Chief Communications Officer

Anukhet BitYah Duresharwar Neteru, (Carol Sulaiman) has been married since 2005 to Michael Sulaiman. They share 5 children, 15 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren. 

Anukhet retired from the Houston Police Department, as an Executive Office Assistant after almost twenty years.

She completed a certification in Cosmetology and has facilitated several service-related entrepreneurial endeavors.

After growing up in traditional religion, Anukhet became a student of BioVibrational Science in 2017, where she experienced an activation of her Spiritual Gifts. 

The Science is now The Priority in her life, enabling her to be of ultimate service to everyone, family, friends and associates.

She was honored with the position of Chief Communications Officer at the Center for Biovibrational Science and thoroughly enjoys being a connection for the leadership and student body.

In her role as Chief Communications Officer, Anukhet welcomes new students to the Center, coordinates and facilitates their enrollment, orientation, and progression through the Introductory Classes into The Science.
She has been certified to teach BioVibrational Science, finding great joy, witnessing student’s transformation into becoming Scientists.

Anukhet’s Highest Honor is the Ordination of Discipleship, a ministerial position in the Self-Empowerment Center. She is vested with the rights assigned by the State to conduct ministerial duties on behalf of the organization including the performing of duties relating to marriage, funerals and other ministerial operatives. She is also assigned to give Jnana (Life Engineering Lessons) and speak on behalf of the organization. 

In this, she has realized her Divine Purpose.


Om Kumara - Deva Premal
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