According to Wuji Kami Do theory, the abilities of the human body are capable of being developed beyond their commonly conceived potential. You will be learning the following:

Wuji Kami Do (Mandarin: Boundless, Japanese: The Way of the Gods and Goddesses) The Boundless Way of the Gods and Goddesses, is Bio-Vibrational Physical Art and one of five disciplines taught at the Center for Bio-Vibrational Science. Wuji is a universal melding and synthesis of Yoga, Kung Fu (White Crane, Hung Kuen, and Yang Tai Chi), Reiki, and African Dance into a new art of physical fitness and personal energy management for all ages.

Open only to students of the the Self Empowerment Center

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Meditation, Yoga, and Martial Arts

Learn the art that combines Yoga, Martial Arts and Meditation into one integrated whole