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The COVID 19 Pandemic as all disease is viewed by BVS scientists as first an energetic problem in the earth. This means that we view this issue as being created by the toxic psychology of human beings relative to their relationships with each other as well as their relationship with the earth. Secondly, since it is our view that this problem has been created by energetic issues as well as toxic psychology, we view the expulsion of this concern via human action from a purely material and medical perspective as inadequate, inappropriate, and perhaps as a dangerous means by which to attempt resolution.

Bio-Vibrational Science according to its literature and first book, the Quantum Theory of Self Empowerment, affirms that the body is a self-healing mechanism. This ultimately means that Bio-Vibrational Scientists know that the first level of healing is energetic and mental response, followed by the proper management of the physical body through nutrition. While Bio-Vibrational Scientists do not refuse medical treatment, it is not considered their first or primary vehicle to attain or sustain health. To this end, Bio-Vibrational Scientists are hesitant at best and may refuse at most, to participate in mass inoculation, and may honorably ask for religious exemption from forced personal vaccination.

On March 29, 2020, the message was given to Bio-Vibrational Scientists all over the world, entitled "A Spiritual Explanation for CoronaVirus COVID 19. On April 5th, 2020 the message was given to Bio-Vibrational Scientists all over the world, entitled "Science of Mind Combats the Coronavirus". On April 18th The message was given to Bio-Vibrational Scientists all over the world, entitled "Emotionally Surviving the Coronavirus". These messages affirm the internal discussion and seriousness with which Bio-Vibrational Science views the appropriate response to the pandemic. These messages may be ordered here on our website or may be ordered through email at

Bio-Vibrational Scientists do not view the wearing of masks as an invasive action in response to the pandemic. As such prevention including social distancing is considered a reasonable non-invasive physical response that eases the mind and allows it to be used for the purpose of mitigating the electro-magnetism emanating from those carrying the disease or succumbing to the social paradigm. Finally, Bio-Vibrational Scientists, are persons of free will, and this general statement of belief while necessitated to show proof of religious objection to force mass inoculation or personal vaccination in concert with our objection to forced participation in unjust wars, is presented to provide the necessary background as to why our students may righteously object to being vaccinated or to mass inoculation. With all of this said, we as Scientists also do not stand in opposition to taking the vaccine if it is of our own free will and out of our own educated choice. In doing so based on the Promise of IAM we speak in positive expectation that we will not be harmed.

The Council of Bio-Vibrational Scientists

May 1, 2020

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