Universal Oils

by the

Divine Mother

Dragon's Oil

An oil used to increase your own personal power. It also aids in increasing protection, healing and awareness.


A unique blend of powerful oils (Frankincense, Blue Lotus and Kush) Frankincense is the cleansing part of the oil. Blue Lotus is the Transference oil drawing power from the Universe while Kush invokes your ancestral link. It's Amethyst crystals have balancs the crown chakra.

Myrrh with Frankincense

Myrrh oil has a long history of medicinal use and are valued for wound-healing properties. The oil is used to enhance emotional and spiritual well-being. The added resin of Frankincense enhances these properties while providing protection.

Eucalyptus Life Everlasting

Eucalyptus instills protection and reduces mental stress and exhaustion. By reducing and healing physical pain and suffering the oil  raises your vibration, protects against diseases and aids in anti-aging.


Majmua is a ritual oil that embodies the powers of resurrection. It brings mental clarity while removing anxiety and balancing the heart chakra

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