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The IAM is the collective consciousness of the Cosmic Forces of the Universe, the macrocosmic parent of the Human Psyche. This means that its substance and nature is the progenitor of our consciousness. Let us know and live in its vibration:

  1. IAM the Universe itself, the electro-magnetic field within and throughout everything, the substance of all things. IAM Cosmic Energy and Creative Intelligence. It is within my feeling that my experience lives, moves, and has being.

  2.  IAM the eight-fold path manifesting Union with Consciousness. IAM the sacred texts expressed in the lives of Ascended Masters and the teachings of Bio-Vibrational Science.

  3.  IAM Divine Mind actively interacting with human beings through the Cosmic Forces, Universal Principles and Laws.

  4. IAM wellness, an active lifestyle, a personal naturopathic plan and the practice of physical arts.

  5.  IAM Spiritual Technology, IAM meditation lifting the burden of negative and dark energies from the atmosphere.

  6.  IAM Divine Purpose multiplying and expanding Divine Mind to all living things releasing all from the cycle of Suffering under which Sentient Beings live.

  7.  IAM an Ascended Master in your midst guiding human beings to self-actualization.

  8.  IAM a critical mass guided by Positive Feeling, Universal Principles and Law activating a Consciousness in humanity that will result in Connection, Wealth, Access, Peace, Harmony, and Balance for all living things.

Deva Premal OM Meditation (432Hz)
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