Eight Points of Knowing
  1. We know that there is a knowable intelligent energy that exists within and throughout everything and that it is the substance of all things. We call this intelligent energy Consciousness which may be further defined as Cosmic Energy and Creative Intelligence. It is through this Consciousness that we live, move, and have being and are awakened to a true knowledge of ourselves.

  2. We know that there is an eight-fold path which manifests Union with Consciousness embodied in the sacred texts and expressed in the lives of Ascended Masters and the wisdom teachings of our Self Empowerment Center.

  3. We know that Consciousness actively interacts with human beings through the processes of Universal Law, Terrestrial Law, and Conscience, our Internal Compass.

  4. We know that in their natural state the human being is a vegan with an active lifestyle including a personal naturopathic plan and the practice of physical arts.

  5. We know that the use of Spiritual Technologies lift the burden of negative and dark energies from our personal atmosphere and summon Connection, Wealth, and Access to our personal atmosphere. The chief of these technologies is Meditation.

  6. We know that every Human Being is born with a divine essence and that the purpose of our incarnation in the earth, is to discover the unique set of gifts housed within this essence and share them with the world. This divine essence fully expressed, releases us from the cycle of Suffering under which Sentient Beings live and elevates us to the level of Ascended Mastery.

  7. We know that Ascended Masters are in our midst and that the Universe continually dispenses Ascended Masters through incarnation and our meditation for the purposes of guiding human beings to self-actualization.

  8. We know that a critical mass of Ascended Masters guided by the above seven principles have the ability to activate a Consciousness in humanity that will result in Connection, Wealth, Access, Peace, Harmony, and Balance for all living things.

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