International Institute for Social Studies

Mission Statement
The mission of the Institute is to unite cultures through a network of programs that touch every facet of human life. To serve as a bridge for the development and completion of key objectives that create a safer more cooperative society. To provide a collaborative and cooperative effort to uplift those in our society who have the greatest needs through scientific, effective, and proven methods of engagement.
Vision Statement
The vision of the Institute is to become a standard for the world as to how fostering an understanding of different cultures may be used as a means of empowerment for all. To assess how the role of education in the global spear might be leveraged to create dynamic solutions to the world’s most pressing social issues.
The International Institute for Social Studies is the collaborative effort of Federal Contractors, Private Business, Social Agencies and Groups to provide life engineering strategies  to the under-served. Initially our focus is that of rebuilding communities vexed by historically underutilized business zones, food deserts and other mechanisms of economic distress. The Institute provides job training and education on mechanisms for transitioning transferable skills into new Industries, education on nutrition, and winning psychological habits that empower communities. We also provide enhancements forums for youth in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) as well as Finance and Business Management.


How You Can Support Us

There are a number of ways that those who want to support the Center can support our efforts. In examining each of our programs, we continually assess progressive needs that are beyond our budget. Below are some of our most pressing concerns:


A Permanent Facility

Our current facility is only 2600 square feet and represents our largest liability. While we are extremely grateful it is not large enough to accommodate our programs nor our desire to expand. We are often challenged by the fact that we can only have one class at a time which makes it difficult to schedule volunteers, teachers, and reach our full capacity to offer services. Given our volunteer capacity and the expertise of those willing to help facilitate our programs, we could easily become a 7 day a week 16 hours per day service organization. However our current facility will not allow us to conduct several service offerings at once.

Our needs translate into a request for a 10,000 square foot, air-conditioned space. We estimate the value of such space to be 1 to 1.5 million based on research using real estate tools such as Loop Net. With such a facility we would create a multi-purpose open space of 5,000 sq ft, and while utilizing the remaining space to accommodate counseling programs, child-care, training rooms, and administrative offices. Externally, the facility would need to include adequate space (3 acres) for parking and preferably room for playground, extracurricular activity, and community gathering space for events such as festivals, cook-offs, and concerts. These additions would push the cost to 2.5 million dollars when the appropriate amenities are added.